Friday, January 22, 2010

Bit by Bit

Today I was able to be at home (since I put in about 50 hours already this week) and I took advantage of the found time.  I finally put some color on the walls and the room is looking less like a colorless cube and more like a developing space. 

Have you noticed how the paint chips never quite give you the feeling of how the actual color will work.  I don't mean to infer that the color is different.  It is actually a perfect match to the chip.  But the feeling can't really be accurate until you stand in the room with the walls painted and surrounding you.  Even then, so many elements are missing.  The furniture...or in this case, the "facilities"are not in place, the accessories, the window treatment, everything that builds to make the space a home.

So as I was saying, the colors are not necessarily what I expected, but luckily I love them.  I think the space will become what I hoped.  Progress remains slow, but we are getting there bit by bit.  There are just so many hours in the day.

Much of tomorrow is lost due to my class schedule, but Kip will help out with a shopping run.  With the colors on the wall we were able to choose between our two flooring options so Kip will pick up the tiles (peel & stick, but still tiles), also the sink cabinet we selected and the mirror.  With any luck, Sunday afternoon after school we can add the trim, do the floor, and maybe move the toilet and sink into place.  Kip has warned me not to get too ambitious about our day as he anticipates some plumbing complications could like I said, bit by bit.

If it takes this long to do a bathroom while we balance our other obligations, I can't imagine how long the bedroom might take...

Post Script:  Hurrah!!!  HGTV back on Cablevision.  It was running all day today and I was thrilled to see so many before and afters, envious of the in-house carpenter/handyman assistance, and ticked at their seeming ability to finish major home improvement projects in time elapsed weekends.


  1. I had the insane notion that I would paint my "family" room in a week, before my aunt from Alaska visited. I gave myself another week before that, though, for paint chips. I had three colors I liked and a teeny container of each. The room has three sorts of lighting, from next to nothing, northern, and full sun, so I painted yard by yard squares in each section, thinking that this would help me. No. I liked one in the sun that looked dull in northern light and... YOU understand. So ultimately? I simply chose the color I had liked FIRST in the store, painted that sunny wall where it looked best. When I realized that I needed TWO coats, I then hired two friends to paint the place because I was so meticulous... NO. RIDICULOUS. And I knew I would be far happier with their work than my own.

    YOU are a marvel to me in this undertaking. ONE nook took me two days...

  2. You really are inspiring, I'm thinking of getting my paint brush out.

    Bathrooms take way longer than bedrooms and living rooms. So much work in such a small space.

    Peel'n stick tiles have come a long way over the years - i've seen some nice results.

    I feel like I'm dysfunctional when it comes to picking out paint color. I only know if it looks good once it's on the walls, and mostly that's too late. I wish I had a good understanding of the color wheel... MIME


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