Friday, January 29, 2010

I AM.....

Friday 01.29.10
Last night, as I spent a lovely night out with friends and colleagues, I was sipping my cosmo and enjoying a yummy crab and potato croquette, when my blackberry buzzed.

From: Kip
Subject: I AM....

Message:  A 12x12 adhesive tile GOD!

I have to agree.

Weekend list:
  1. sand and patch paint where tape pulled off finish
  2. cut baseboard and base of vanity cabinet to allow for flush position to wall and plumbing access.
  3. plumbing for sink
  4. add quarter round at joint of baseboard and floor
  5. plumbing for toilet
  6. add new toilet seat and flush handle
  7. pray nothing leaks
  8. add frosted film to window for privacy
  9. hang mirror
  10. measure, trim, stain and install end moulding in doorway
  11. consider accessories and artwork and place
Done??? We'll see.


  1. he really is. you make a good team

  2. what would we do without our GODs! the right one does make "our" projects easier :)

  3. Oooh, that floor is gorgeous, nice job.

    I put that frosted film on my bathroom window last month and had a heck of a time getting those bubbly-things out. Obviously I didn't read the directions well. MIME

  4. Ah my hubris about the flooring led to a day with four trips to Home Depot.... New rule. Never brag until the plumbing is done.


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