Monday, February 8, 2010

Where Am I???

Wednesday 02.03.10
Last night I returned from sunny Florida and found myself discombobulated on my home projects.  While the house was in fine shape - relatively clean and orderly - those things out of place seemed to scream - FIX ME!!!

Yes, the toilet is still out of place and the plumbing is still undone.
Yes, Kip's new computer has arrived and taken temporary residence in the guest room, dislodging other furniture to allow it to fit.
Yes, the fact that Kip's desk has been moved upstairs leaves a gaping hole in the downstairs home office/den that is filled with the accessories and piles of papers he decided not to relocate.
Yes, the couch in the living room is slowly shedding it's upholstery, giving up to age, wear, and cats.
Yes, the bedding in our master is pilled and screaming for replacement.
Yes, the upstairs bath has a shower rug/mat in need of replacement, bad paint job and medicine cabinet that needs some major overhauling.

But I need to breathe, relax, and focus on one thing at a time.  Kip called the plumber after soaking himself in the freezing garage with the water running from the open/close valve.  We hope to schedule him later this week and as long as he's coming, have him move the shut off valves up to the living floor (under cabinet) where they should be.  Once that is done, we can add the toilet and mirror and be 90% done with the room.  In the meantime, keeping our living space as orderly as possible is the best I can do.

How people live amongst major remodels over an extended period is beyond me.  I think I'd go nuts.


  1. while the plumber is there - let hime install the toilet, just in case something should go wrong:)

  2. Great minds think alike. Kip already asked the plumber to do all the undone much for DIY!


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