Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nearly a month of inactivity

I just realized it has been nearly a month since my last post.  Let me assure you I've been busy, but not really with reorganization or redecorating.  I've been busy earning the money to pay the bills for the reorganization and redocorating, and I've been busy with just the normal upkeep of the Yellow Cottage. (I should say WE).  Kip has been working hard to get the pool open for the season, and since the equipment is starting to show its age, this means some mechanical work and replacement parts.  I've been doing gardening in fits and starts, but not a great deal of progress made.  Regardless, this is the time of year where we get outside more often and just weeding the front walkway can be a full afternoon's work...then again, so can reading a good book poolside.

Due to budget priorities, some weekend trips, and the general need for upkeep I anticipate the blog will continue on its current slow-down pace.  But I'll try to get a little creative with the small projects that are low-budget but can bring impact.

Here are a few thoughts (if I can get motivated):

  1. Finish the home office!  This includes the blinds that finally came in, the closet doors that need to be re-hung, and the last cleanup of the odds and ends that have piled up.  Then I can post a true before-after conclusion entry.
  2. Paint the upstairs bathroom.  I added all the white accessories - which I'm still learning to live with - lots of bleach filled laundry happening at the cottage these days.  But the paint really needs freshening.  Someday we'll gut this room, but not anytime soon.
  3. Shop for (and buy?) a new couch.  Our couch desperately needs to be replaced - the fabric has worn through on the arms - but I just haven't been in the mood for a big item shopping excursion.
  4. Reorganize kitchen cupboards.  Actually, what I need to do is reorganize the contents and downsize things we don't really use, line or paint the interior shelves, prime and paint the cupboards, add latches to all the doors.  This may be too big a job for my summer weekends.
  5. Paint kitchen built-in.  Strip all decorative items off, paint, and merchandize.  Add hardware.  This is a smaller job...I may be up for this, but I also need to be sure I get the room trim and walls touched up too.
  6. Make design plans for bedrooms.  I need the perfect bedding for these rooms to get me started...then I need carpeting and window coverings, then paint, and accessories....oy...this one is overwhelming.
  7. Furniture rehab.  I have two iron patio sets in need of rehab.  This is a good summer project. Also, I have a jewelry/mirror cabinet that I've been eyeing for a while as the perfect test item for a paint treatment.  So many project bloggers fearlessly attack their wood finish furniture with gel stains and/or primer and paint....I'm thinking of changing it from current oak finish to either cottage white/distressed, or staining it darker cherry/mahogany....
lots to think about, but for now, my book is calling tuned...

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