Friday, January 8, 2010

The Half (Bad) Bathroom

In the 1950's a half bath was added to the house. I am thankful for it every time we have guests as I grew up in a one bath home and when you start to add occupants - even temporary ones - the very delicate balance of bathroom timeshare is quickly upset.

However, this bathroom needs a lot of help.

When we first moved in I determined not to spend any money on this room as I had plans to make it into 3/4 bath (with shower stall) since a full bath seemed infeasible. Since this room is on our first floor - separated from the dining room by a glass paned door - we use the adjacent room (supposedly a 3rd bedroom) for an office.

This room also has the largest closet in the house - a source of total amusement to us both. This double-door closet even has a cedar lining, totally wasted on the paper, cameras, musical instruments, computer ware, games, wrapping paper, etc. that fill it.

I had hoped that with a little reconfiguring of the floor plan I might keep a mid-sized closet and gain a shower stall and still have a room that could measure out as a small guest room or a home office in the appraiser's eye, so stay tuned for some drawings. But in the meantime, and since a construction budget with plumbing is not in my plans for this year, it's time to think up a facelift.

Half Bath Project #1: god the Wallpaper

I'm going to research the best way to rid my walls of this pattern immediately. From watching HGTV (and have I mentioned how pissed I am at cablevision that HGTV is not on anymore? them to the end of the month and then FIOS it is!), I know I need to score the paper and use a solution (I think it is half water half soap - but I'm checking) and then scrape, scrape, scrape. I think it may be kind of cathartic.

After that...we'll move on to shopping for a new pedestal sink...stay tuned.


  1. If it is just a facelift - I would put the elbow grease into removing the paper (solutions available at HD or Lowe's - worth the $; easy to use). paint the paneling linen white; throw some "sticky" tile squares down on the floor(used on HGTV shows - temp but looks good; makes bathroom look bigger); add the sink; replace toilet seat! NEW BATHROOM :)

  2. Wow - great minds think alike. You'd think we were related or something. Now if you were only on THIS side of the country to help me out. Of course fitting both our butts in this little room at once WOULD be a challenge.

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