Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update on Freecycle Plate Racks

We have a winner (or a taker?)....The plate racks offered on January 4th will be finding a new welcoming home in Wurtsboro NY (less than 50 miles from it's current home!). "Lay" has a dining room in a home she and her husband are refurbishing after a fire. From what I can tell, the fire took place before they bought it, and they've taken on the project house. Luckily Lay's husband is a carpenter, and a man with skills is definitely required for such a project.

Lay promises she is working up her own blog, so I'll be sure to link over when she gets started and hope to see a picture of the plate racks in a beautiful new dining room sometime later this year.

Good Luck Lay!


  1. The fire did in fact take place before we bought it. It was a fire in one of the hallways due to an candle being left unattended. There is only fire damage in that part of the house which is all cosmetic thank goodness, but the rest of the house has smoke damage, so it has to be gutted... This is our 1st time buying so lets see if it becomes our dream house or the money pit! It is definately going to be an adventure!! Thank you so much for the plate racks, I will hang them with love!

  2. Ok here it is... it's rough still but I have 3 posts thus far.

  3. Hi Wenderina,
    A follow-up to yesterday's post---Jude is right. Buy the stuff that you mix with warm water to spray on the scored wallpaper, I buy something called Dif. It really does work well; I believe it has an enzyme which helps break down the paste. Then after you get the outside layer of wallpaper off, you can spray it again to get the glue-residue off. And be sure to put a drop cloth on the floor where you're working. I've removed a lot of wallpaper in my life - For me, it's more exhausting thinking about it than actually doing it! MIME


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