Sunday, January 17, 2010

Progress? Yes...but oh the waiting

So the bathroom is making me crazy progress.

There are a limited number of hours in every day, and most of my hours seem to be spent waiting for paint to dry. There is a reason people say, "It's like watching paint dry." It is not a rewarding way to spend time.

It is important to me to do this right...and as proved by my continuous refusals of help from Kip - to do it myself. As much as possible. This week he took on the spackling/sanding job and yesterday the not insignificant role of removing the toilet and the sink from the room. I never could have done that without him. As he was hefting the toilet out and moving it across the room, to sit in a lovely position immediately to my left he grunted out, "Make sure you give me credit on your blog...write about me like the father in (no caps) a christmas story." My mind immediately went to the father in (title caps) A Christmas Story - shouting out obscenities as he worked on the furnace, yelling at the neighbor's dog, and shrieking "Frageeelayy - it must be Italian." Yeah, it was kind of like that. But truly, he was a monumentous help.

Today, it was all about talking one another off the ledge. We both awoke with a case of the "Sundays" - essentially dreading the week ahead of us, feeling a need to accomplish something, while simultaneously yearning to just kick back and watch tv and eat popcorn all day. I have schoolwork waiting, paint drying, an incredibly busy work week ahead, and a toilet sitting next to my desk. Sigh.

As I reminded Kip that without a lot of progress being made today (and by that I mean returning the bathroom to working order, it would mean our housekeeper would arrive on Thursday to a disaster zone. Kip's response, "This is what a house under construction will be like this year." Reading between the lines I hear, "Your project, remember??"

So, what's next? Well the last coat of primer on the beadboard is drying. After three coats it still has a slighly orange (wood) cast, but I believe two coats of the linen white paint will cover it. The ceiling paint is on and drying - and I'm a little ticked that the manufacturer's label of flat white was wrong as it is actually glossy white. And no - there truly is no returning it as it has been in the basement for years.

Because the ceiling paint won't truly be set until an overnight drying, I can't tape it off to paint the walls. I mean, I could, but I've had experience with pulling paint off with the tape and you never quite get the patchwork right. So, after grumbling for a bit as the realization hit that there will be no big reveal of a new room this weekend I determined my to-do list. Dig out the semi-gloss trim paint and do the window sill and trim. Get the sawhorses up and lay out the moulding and sand, prime and paint that in the basement. Paint the door and the baseboard if the primer dries enough. Then, schoolwork! and maybe some popcorn.

So, I'm off to make some more progress...and will try to measure (and take credit for the accomplishment of) how many steps it actually takes to get this little 5x5 room done properly. Home shows be damned...I don't believe anymore you can do over a room in a weekend and have it done well.

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