Monday, January 4, 2010

Save a Landfill - FREEcycle with me!

What do I mean by Save a Landfill?

I mean - help me out by taking home one of my beloved items. Every week or so, I will post all those treasures still worthy of gracing someone's home, but that doesn't fit or suit my own anymore. I'm not much on hosting a garage sale, but I'm very interested in finding people who may find treasure in my trash. [see label: FREEcycle]

And I promise, it really isn't trash. Anything truly trash-worthy is in a Hefty bag right now.

Several of these items never made it out of the box and they are truly NEW! I'm willing to donate up to $5 for UPS Ground postage for anyone who is interested in an item. For right now, it will be first come, first serve....if we start getting lots of interest on later items, I'll start randomly selecting. I promise no bidding wars (unless shipping gets really pricey!) So, take a look at my FREEcyle pile and help me Save a Landfill!

Item #1: Plate Racks (2)
(plates not included)

I have two identical plate racks that have not been used since leaving our townhouse 7 years ago. These are sturdy and made of black coated metal and in perfect condition. I have the mounting screws as well. The plates show in the picture above (not included) are between a saucer size and a lunch plate (diameter: 6") The plate rack itself measures 18" at its widest point by 27" at its highest point. It can fit full size dinner plates if desired.

Interested? First comment gets it!

P.S. No takers by end of month and I donate or try other options.


  1. I would like the hanging racks if still available... We just bought a house & this would help me finish off my decor for my new dining room!

  2. Lay- they are yours. Send me your snail mail address at wenderina at gmail dot com and I'll get them out to you. I'm so happy they have found a new home. I hope you'll send me a picture once you have them up in your dining room.

  3. I just sent it to you!! Let me know if you got it!


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