Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So...how many socket sets do YOU have?

I did it! I uncovered the workbench, sorted the tools and discovered many, many supplies for my future projects. Voila - the revived and refreshed workbench area. [Before shots here]

Granted - it is still an ugly basement - but just behold that organization! Want a closer look? You know you do!! The tools still on the bench are sets I want Kip (aka Hubby) to review to be sure they are pretty much complete. Once he has done that, they'll get tucked into those shelves or the EMPTY toolboxes along the wall and there will actually be a small space to...you know...work on the bench!

Here is pegboard #1. I didn't get far enough to actually outline the items as I had planned, but I wasn't sure they were organized in exactly the right place just yet...so I'll wait to see how this works out.

And here is pegboard #2....looking mighty fine as well.

And here is the "paint shelf". I gathered up umpteen gazillion old paint buckets and moved them to the garage. Now that constitutes an incomplete project as far as I am concerned, but I did research the town household hazardous waste (HHW) facility, location, and open hours and will be taking as many as I can at a time until they are all safely and properly disposed of. The paint that remains is the most recent and will hopefully provide us with some spot cover supplies as needed. I'm considering purchasing some clear plastic paint containers that will help us see what is what and keep the paint in good condition for retouching. I also kept some base coat (whites) in varying finishes - satin, semi-gloss, flat for those overall projects.

Oh - and the answer to my question: "How many socket sets do YOU have?" We have three and a half. So I'll have to look for some projects for socketing [?] in the near future.

So project #1 - 80% complete (the remaining 20% relates to disposal and also the lighting fix)

Time: Approx 9 hours
Money: $0!!
Result: 4 large bags o' trash, several boxes of HHW and recycling, and several entries into the FREEcycle pile.


  1. Nice job! look at home depot for some "easy" installing overhead light. can't wait to see the next project!

  2. Thanks Sis - we already had some clip lights that work really well on the rafters, what I need is some outlet help. Going to enlist Kip to figure out if there is an easy way, or if it is worth calling Jimmy the electrician.


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