Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Color! Part 2

Mark this day in your calendar.  I think I may have conquered the window treatment domestic demons.  I mean I hope I have.  I went to JCP last night and they had a wide range of choices.  I had to immediatlely sidestep the displays that were just over the top with the scarves and the tassles, etc.  But I actually ended up falling in love with something more formal than I thought I wanted.

Pretty gorgeous eh?  Look at that color compliment with the paint swatch!

I actually picked one panel of this and then a panel of a simpler embroidered sheer - but this won out very quickly when we held it up to the window.  I almost hate to move furniture back in that will block it!  (a new furniture layout plan is definitely in my future here)  I bought some beautiful rods in a bronze finish with clip rings to give a little extra length and height to the curtains....I can't wait to hang them!  Combining this with the bamboo roman shades in pecan (not quite this, but close)...

...will kind of make the formal curtains a little more casual (I hope). I have to order a custom size for the windows though...no off the shelf on these shades...so back to JCP I go.

As promised, here is the room in progress.  Green-Green go away (4 coats of primer to cover this Ralph Lauren texture paint)...see how the new bathroom flows right off this and how great it will look to match the chair rail color?

New color on the wall!  Beautiful soft sage....trim still to do.  The pictures don't really do it justice...the color is MUCH softer now.

I bought some seat covers from Surefit that I thought would work (once I add a little batting to puff up the cushions a bit) on our old red tapestry desk chairs...but too green...and they so don't go with the beautiful new drapes, so I'm going to go for the cream plain finish.

And yes, my messy paint job did include getting some drops on the floor, which I will be cleaning and sanding - but the floors are in terrible shape and would have needed a total re-finish anyway, so no harm done.  Since this room is so bloody cold all winter, we're going for wall-to-wall carpet, not hardwood.  This will make it the only room thus far in the house with carpet, and that is the next step.

Choosing the perfect floor covering.  Wish me luck.

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