Monday, March 22, 2010


We've had a lot on our plates in recent weeks and sometimes life just gets in the way of home projects. But this weekend, with lovely weather outside, I opened all the windows wide and broke out the primer and the paint and got to work.  It took about 5 hours on Saturday and 4 coats of primer and then another 3 hours and 2 coats of paint, but the room looks pretty good.  By Sunday afternoon I had lost patience (which equates to losing finesse) and decided not to start working on the trim.  That is for a day when I feel like paying attention to straight lines and edges.

The color is a success.

After we had purchased it, I was skeptical that I had made the right decision...perhaps we should have gone with a paler color...but it looks beautiful. And when the trim is refreshed (it is already white, but needs some TLC) it will really pop.  Plus adding the crown molding will make a huge difference as well.

I thought we had selected a carpet color that would work, but again, I'm questioning  my original choice.  I think I need to sort out a window treatment and get the fabric samples in the house along with the carpet samples.  The carpet sample process is such a hassle since both HD and Lowes require a $25/board deposit and then the sample colors are about 2 inches by 3 inches....hardly enough to see if you really like the color and pattern.

Other ideas I'm still playing with include the closet.  I had Closet Maid online do two designs for us.  I input some rough measurements and then some idea of what kind of storage I needed.  Within 24 hours I had two options in place along with a complete list of components for each.  Pretty cool. 

We decided it might be best to contact a closet professional for installation help.  If the quote is too high, we can always use the equipment list to get it ourselves.  I've pretty much given up on my idea of the high-end closet doors though.  I'm thinking new paint and new hardware and the existing doors will be fine.  Although we have to determine why they scrape against one another at top...I'm thinking a rogue screw that's not all the way in is the problem.

So, this week (before I leave for another business and personal trip), I hope to stop in at a local JCP and check in with the window treatment folks to educate myself.  If the deal is good enough, I'll even buy it there instead of moving on to the less expensive Target options.

Stay tuned.  (wall color images will come in next post)

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