Monday, March 1, 2010


When I began this year-long (or maybe longer?) project I don't think I really thought about the upheaval. We have a very small house and while it is not an "open concept" per se, it is certainly not easy to close off portions either.  So since we have begun the real purging of the home office in earnest, pieces of this room are now scattered to (a) upstairs guest bedroom (Kip's computer, desk, printer and odd accessories); (b) living room (the antique school desk and my desklamp...look good, they may have to stay there); (c) basement (area rug and assorted items); (d) dining room (adjacent to the home office this room is bearing the brunt of the packed up and moved out boxes and sundries.

The end result: chaos scattered through the house, clutter in every room, disorder in my brain.  While I'm not a clean freak, I am a neat freak.  There can be cobwebs in corners, dust on the furniture and crumbs on the carpet, but god help me (and Kip) if there are clothes not put away, kitchen counters and sink not cleaned up, papers out of place, and clutter run amok.  Dirt, I can handle.  Disorder (in my line of sight) is out of the question.

So, I had to work late tonight and I'm thinking I should go home and NOT turn on any lights and head immediately to our bedroom, which is relatively unscathed (thus far) from the outward-spreading clutter.

I think of all the blogs I've been reading about 6-12 month kitchen remodels, additions, and projects and it makes my skin crawl and my head ache.  How can any of you stand it? 

Later this week, I'll get my head on straight and begin to think step-by-step again.  As I make progress all of the anxieties around disorder typically fall away, so that will be the goal...some forward progress.

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  1. some forward progress is always good - but there will be chaos while doing any project. Not turning on light is the best way to get through thia!


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