Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's Project: Snow Removal

8:30 AM Thursday

12 Noon Thursday

5PM Thursday

8AM Friday

After 1st Shovel - 4PM Thursday

Did I even shovel??? 8AM Friday

After Today's Shovel Out 8:30 AM Friday

And it is still snowing....good thing it's pretty.

Cuz I'm not sure I'm getting out until Spring!

Post Script:
Shovel aftermath

Cheap pleather gloves = black hands

Snow up to and above my knees!

Can you say hibernation???


  1. Wow, I feel for you! We've been hit with huge snow storms all winter, which is really unusual for us. We managed to dodge the bullet on this last one and ended up with only rain. Your snow is pretty though!

    Kat :)

  2. I too am in NY and we got lots of snow too. I have carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and a sore back, all from shoveling. But who needs a man! I can shovel all this snow!

  3. oh so pretty! enjoy....I don't miss it!


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