Thursday, April 15, 2010

14 hours to go!

In about 14 hours the guys from ARTISTIC FLOORS will arrive with my carpet.  A beautiful gold broadloom stain resistant berber that will make my toes so happy. 

Last night we tackled some more of the room (isn't it amazing how long details can take?).  While I carefully poured out three different paints (wall, trim, ceiling) into small trays and allocated a brush to each, Kip tackled the containers of odds and ends still in the closet.  I worked my way around the room with my new favorite tool - a handy dandy little corner/edger that helped me to get the blend I needed on the interior corners that the roller had missed and also got a clean(er) edge around the trim.  I added trim paint to the sanded and caulked crown molding, and touched up the ceiling where there were some paint smears, and hammer smears left over. 

Kip, we discovered, is not a true freecycler.  He has standards that are much too high.  He doesn't understand that a freecycler isn't picky....well...we are...but garbage picky, or pickers really.  He doesn't understand the dumpster diver mentality has gone all cyberspace.  He doesn't understand the rush one gets from a CURB ALERT!  So before I could stop him all the loose computer wires and outdated computer accessories, partially used stationary supplies, and other miscellaneous items were in garbage bags and hauled to the bin.  Sorry Freecyclers.  Next time I'll pay more attention.

When we were done, we surveyed the space.  The room looks pretty darn good.  And tomorrow it will look even better!

It will be a bit wrenching to leave it behind in all it's gold floor covered glory when we have to head upstate for a family weekend.  I know I will be tempted to spend just a little more time loading furniture in...measuring and hanging the new drapes...hanging pictures and guitars...making a shopping list for other items we may need...but we'll save all the anticipation up for our return. 

I may, just maybe, post the before/after pictures tomorrow before we go.  But if time runs out, you'll just have to live in anticipation too.  All two of you who read my blog.

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