Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crown Molding - A day of revelations.

Sunday 04.11.2010
 It's Crown Molding Day!  I finished sanding and painting the molding and waited impatiently for our friend Rob to arrive.

He finally arrived and brought his toys!

He took some measurements and promptly set to work.  First revelation was watching him cut the profile of the crown molding into cardboard and then creating a reverse template in wood.  By doing this he had a repeatable consistent way to hold the molding in place with the same angle every time. 

He and Kip set to the work right away.  See Kip drooling over this saw that does both right and left 45 degree angles?  But we quickly realized the tools are a great part of what we needed, but we could NEVER have done what an awesome job Rob did.

This is the tool (nail gun) I drool over, but that compressor is huge, heavy, and loud!  See Kip holding the wood template to keep the crown at the consistent angle?  The 2nd revelation of the day was watching Rob use glue (duh) and caulking on the molding before installing it.  We'd always just nailed it up and filled in gaps.  Ours, as Kip made sure to point out, has not fallen down, but Rob's looks tight and finished and, well, professional.  Guess that's why he does woodwork for a living.

A little hard to see in this photo, but the right side is the old molding, the left is the new. The old molding is hard to see because the paint doesn't go all the way to the edge of it.  But believe me, the difference is big.  It really finishes the room.

Just look at that corner joint.  A thing of beauty.  And when we saw what a difference it made, we not only broke out the mexican takeout dinner for Rob and his wife, but also the checkbook.  So worth it.

Some touch ups remain, and then carpeting on FRIDAY.  The room is finally coming together.


  1. Tools are helpful - but it's the professional that makes all the difference........BEAUTIFUL!!


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