Saturday, April 10, 2010

Artistic Floors

The owner of Artistic Floors in Suffern was here today.  He gave me a good deal on a beautiful remnant berber carpet that will add a lot of warmth (literally and aesthetically) to our room.  They will be here on FRIDAY! to install the carpet.  Of course I was all concerned with room transition - and learned that there are a few options - (1) the metal trim piece (not very pretty); (2) a wood saddle; (3) a standard fold over install.  We're going with the fold over for now for all the transitions.  I don't think it will cause a trip hazard, but we can always go back to a wood saddle.  And of course I totally forgot to ask about carpet padding options.  So I'm stopping at his store on my way to the gym and Home Depot today.

This means I have to get my butt in gear and finish all the messy work so there won't be a need to plastic cover the carpets while we finish the room.  So today, I'm off to the Depot to get another length of crown molding (since we had some cutting issues and are a little low on total linear feet now), and then I'll be back at the paint can.  But first! i will be taping all the trim edges so I can make as clean an edge as possible.  HGTV says to use a brush as dry as possible to do this because it is the thick paint that causes either leakage under the tape, or issues when you pull the tape off.  I will also paint out the new pieces of crown.

Tomorrow our friend Rob the master woodworker arrives with the grown up tools.  He is bringing his nail gun and compressor, and a few big man saws.  Kip says that he will be an extra pair of hands for Rob and just there to follow orders.  I know Kip wishes I could learn that behavior as well.

And just to prove we know we have the right folks for the job...let me show you some of their other work.

Artistic Floors - Mannington Slate Floor in Kitchen/Eating Area (yes - it really is laminate!)

Rob Wilson - Custom Wood Table

Only one has "Artist" in their names - but they are both of that ilk.

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  1. I found the floor really nice and I am pretty much sure that a lot would love to have a floor like that. By the way what's that berber carpet?I am not familiar with that kind of carpet.tile flooring ideas


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