Sunday, April 11, 2010

A One Day Facelift

Saturday 04.10.2010
What happens when you rid your house of lots of stuff?  You get more stuff of course!

Do you have a "Tuesday Morning" in your neighborhood?  It's a hit or miss place...sometimes I spend an hour and walk out without a thing.  This was obviously not one of those days.

And with what I found, I decided to focus on a quick facelift project in our upstairs bath. 


My dirty little secret is my messy linen closet.  So I tackled that, but what really drove me to shopping was the state of the rugs.  One small loose piece of weaving and the cats attacked it with a vengeance.  The center of two of the rugs were threadbare.  I've been reading alot of articles about the "white bathroom" - you know, very spa-like feeling.  So when I found a great deal on white linens at Tuesday Morning.  It seemed like a natural fit.

Step 1 - empty everything out.

Which quickly fills up the floor.

Step 2: Clean, Clean, Clean. Sort, Sort, Sort.

Step 3: Re-stock.

Is this the same closet?  Let' see how long it stays neat.  Look at all those fluffy white towels.

White, indeed.  Now I'm adding pops of color for interest.

The first one makes me smile....a little painting project between Kip and our nieces.  They painted sunflowers on 5x7 now they are framed and a beautiful memory on the wall.

I will be repainting the walls soon.  Going for that spa feeling with a softer tone.  But that's for another day - because today is CROWN MOLDING DAY!

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