Monday, April 26, 2010

Progress Photos

Monday 04.23.2010
Not quite, done...but significant progress.


AFTER (or at least current)

What stayed the same:
  • Furniture (except for chair covers)
  • Furniture placement (with small adjustments)
  • Window trim color.
What is biggest change:
  • Tone of color.  While both green, very different feel of cool and calm now.
  • about tonal color change!  From HOT and crazy to cool and neutral.
  • Window treatments - from dorm level mis-fitting mismatched shades, to elegant drapes.
  • Crown molding.  Really stepped up the room to a more elegant feel.
  • Light fixture - although new one is not in the new least we don't have the broken saloon fan anymore!
  • DE CLUTTERING!  We removed a tall misfit bookcase and an antique school desk opening up the space.  We added a closet organizer to better store our materials.  We freecycled several boxes of things and tossed out 4 bags of shredded papers from our files.  We are also trying to be very selective about what lives on our desk and under our desk.  This will be an ongoing battle.
Overall, we've already achieved the greatest goal of this project, even though a few things remain to be accomplished.  This room no longer looks like a dorm room.  It actually is starting to feel like a home  office suited to the two corporate managers who live here, instead of two starving college students (which is so many years ago!).

Still to do:
Wash windows (if only I had done this before moving in the furniture...duh)
Hang artwork and guitars.
Recieve and move in new bookcase (and load with books)
Hang closet doors.
Add wood roman shades (still on order).

Longer term to do:
Radiator cover (but it is hidden under my desk, so not too worried about it right now).


  1. WOW! you guys are amazing!! should have had you do my house - it might have been on the market before last week!!

  2. the change in carpet makes an enormous difference. loving the elegant grown-up feel to the room. If we didn't live a whole ocean apart I might ask you to come and sort out the mess in my place ;-)


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