Saturday, April 24, 2010

Status Update on Home Office

Saturday 04.24.2010
Remember the Monday punchlist?
We're making progress.

Trim bottom of bathroom door to accommodate new carpet clearance (Mon/Tues) - DONE
Kip took care of this one while I was working late....I haven't inspected closely, but I can assure you it looks like a straight and even cut and it works!  We've had bad luck in the past removing doors and re-hanging them...somehow it never seems to close right after that...but this one hangs straight and true and closes/locks well.

Schedule closet organizer install (Mon/Tues) - DONE
Done and installed.  Remember the design?  Well, we forgot one little thing...the closet is bigger than the opening.  

I believe I put in the measurements on the website, but the design mockup came without showing the walls in front of closet.  Everything fits and works, but a little tighter than I imagined.  Also, one small corner of the closet is essentially only usable for those - "will access once in a blue moon" items.  Items, which we have been trying to rid ourselves of.  Anyway, what's cool is the drawer set is standalone, so I can move that to other places.  Of course the shelves are all adjustable by height as well. So, I can live with one little awkward corner.

Disassemble old ceiling fan/light (Weds/Thurs) - DONE
Install new track light (Weds/Thurs) - DONE

We replaced the old brass saloon style ceiling fan (with broken globe light) with this sleek little number.  It was a PAIN IN THE ASS to put up.  Little tiny screws, big fat fingers.  But we figured it out.  The bulbs are those very delicate halogens too, which means you have to use a rubber suction cup to install them...that was fun too.  But the look is worth it...and the focused light is going to be perfect for desk tasks and also for artwork and guitars.

Measure drapes and clips and hang rods. (Fri/Sat) - DONE
Add drapes to rods. (Fri/Sat) - DONE

I'm really pleased with myself for this.  After reading some of the blogs out there where people are designing and building their own furniture, this seems like such a little achievement.  To hang a curtain rod - and make it level and make sure the drapes just kiss the floor (aren't at flood height and aren't puddled on the floor) seems puny.  But in my life, it is major.  

I initially unpacked the materials for the large window...but then decided to cut my teeth on the small window first.  Glad I did, I didn't make any mistakes and it gave me confidence (and idea) how to ensure I measured and leveled the 4 hangers needed for the big window.  The custom ordered blinds are still to come and will be installed as inside mounts. I almost wish I was just doing the drapes, but with the way the sun beats in at certain times of day, we really need the light control.  And what I didn't consider earlier was with 4 mounts it is difficult to pull the drapes fully closed (not in my plans anyway, but if that had been my plan...would have been problematic.)

Order new chair covers - current don't work with drapes.(Mon/Tues) - DONE
Picked out another surefit chair cover - this time in Chocolate...because who can go wrong with a color named for such a yummy thing?  We'll see how it goes.  Bought the stretch version this time, so may be a better fit.  Just hoping to keep Penny Cat from using it as a scratching post.

Check on custom shade order - when to arrive? (Mon/Tues) - DONE
Looks like they are expected to ship by the 27th, so that should be a project for next weekend.

Begin reloading room with furniture (Tues-Sat) - STARTED
As you can see in pictures above, the storage space is already filling up and my desk is back in place.  The printer stand is in the room, but in the wrong location and Kip's desk (where I'm sitting) is still upstairs.  When I stood in the empty room, I could envision a double or queen bed under the small window with two small tables and lamps.  The desk along wall adjacent to the closet and maybe a small reading nook in opposite corner.  A true 3rd bedroom/guest space.  So there may be changes in the future.  But the upstairs guest room is another room on my list for this depending on how that room shapes up....(Kip rolls his eyes here).

Determine yes/no on bookcase to order - does it fit? (Sat) - YES, ORDERED
Since I ordered the bookcase today, I guess my ideas of changing the room around are a little more difficult...but that bookcase can always go to another room!  Kip again rolls his eyes here and now they glaze over....but we need book storage so that will be a much needed arrival.

Sunday To Do's
Hang closet doors (we hope!)
Hang guitars/mandolins - position track light to highlight
Hang artwork - position track light to highlight
Merchandise and accessorize 
Return Dining Room to normal!

...and begin planning next room...hmmmmmm


  1. I love your wall color and window coverings! And a corner in a closet for 'once in a blue moon stuff' would be a dream for me. Your systematic approach is a great way to keep focused on each element of the redo. I think I will do that too because crossing things off a list gives me momentum!

  2. Wow! looking good! you guys work great together...


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