Monday, April 19, 2010

What's Next in the Home Office

Monday 04.19.2010
We arrived home from a weekend away and I couldn't even think about working in the room.  But now my mind is beginning to click away at building a detailed punch list to finish.
  1. Trim bottom of bathroom door to accommodate new carpet clearance (Mon/Tues)
  2. Schedule closet organizer install (Mon/Tues)
  3. Disassemble old ceiling fan/light (Weds/Thurs)
  4. Install new track light (Weds/Thurs)
  5. Measure drapes and clips and hang rods. (Fri/Sat)
  6. Add drapes to rods. (Fri/Sat)
  7. Order new chair covers - current don't work with drapes.(Mon/Tues)
  8. Check on custom shade order - when to arrive? (Mon/Tues)
  9. Begin reloading room with furniture (Tues-Sat)
  10. Determine yes/no on bookcase to order - does it fit? (Sat)
  11. Hang guitars/mandolins - position track light to highlight (Sat)
  12. Hang artwork - position track light to highlight (Sat)
  13. Merchandise and accessorize (Sun)
Devil's always in the details.


  1. Just got a chance to check back in. Things are moving along here! Wow! I am impressed.

  2. you will have a new house b the time I get there in June!! It is beautiful - and the carpet will make a difference in the winter!


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